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The Liquor Licence Process

Pre Liquor Licence Application:

Alcohol licensing building and planning certificates are necessary to apply for an on or off licence.

Alcohol licensing planning certificate: This confirms that the activity has been legally established in line with the District Plan and is required for on and off licences. If the activity is not permitted, a Resource Consent will be required.

Alcohol licensing building certificate: This confirms that the premise is up to Building Code standard and is required for on and off licences. If a fit-out or change of use has occurred, a Building Consent may be required.

Unfortunately, even if you’re taking over an existing licensed premises you’ll need new Building and Planning Certificates. As this is a requirement under the SASOA 2012, all liquor licences throughout New Zealand need to do this part of the process.

The Auckland Council fees for this application can be found here.

Liquor Licence Application:

Step 1: Application Preparation

We will consult with you to ensure the application has been accurately processed and we will lodge it with Council.

Note: A Food Premise Licence (if applicable) and at least one person with a Manager Certificate is required prior to the liquor licence lodged.

Step 2: Application Submission

Submit Application to the Council along with the application fee, which is based on the risk assessment of the proposed activity.

Step 3: Public Notices Lodgement

Public Notices are lodged and the public are given the opportunity to object.

Step 4: NZ Police Assessment

The NZ Police will assess the application and make a recommendation on the application.

Step 5: Public Health Service Assessment

The Public Health Service will assess the application and will also make a recommendation on the application.

Step 6: Licensing Inspector submits their report

The Council licensing inspector will prepare a report recommending the approval or decline of the application.

Step 7: District Licensing Committee (DLC) Final Decision:

The application and the inspectors report is sent to the District Licensing Committee (DLC) to make the final decision.

If the application is approved by the DLC the liquor licence will be issued. If it is not approved the application will go to a hearing.

Step 8: Liquor Licence Renewal

The liquor licence will require renewal after the first 12 months, and then every three years following that. An annual fee is payable on the anniversary of the licence every year.

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